Painterly Landscape Workshop

The painting workshop program for advanced learning. This is also part of my Art Coaching material.

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The complete Painting Workshop to teach the painterly style. 

The workshop encompasses parts of my foundation courses plus additional advanced learning.

The objective of the workshop is to teach a practical painting process.

What you will learn:
  1. We start at the beginning with simplification of a subject. 
  2. Shapes, notan and studies;
  3. Build on the foundation by exploring color in detail;
  4. Composition in practical terms;
  5. Brushwork;
  6. Perspective with focus on aerial perspective and color mixing;
  7. Selected topics to study and paint';
  8. Outdoor work
  9. Still life
  10. Overall process
Each stage is accompanied with assignments that must be completed and shared. Feedback and corrections where required.

A final project will encompass a subject, of the students choice, to be prepared and completed.

The workshop is designed to be completed over six months.

Intended Audience: Students enrolled in my Art Coaching program.

Course Curriculum

Begin Here
Materials For Your Workshop
Master Artists and the Painterly Approach
Shapes Explained
How to See Values and Draw a Notan
Two Value Notan Demonstrated
Three and Four Value Notan
Shapes and Values Determined
Practical: Identify Shapes and Values
Monochrome Painting Demonstration
Colour Value Painting
Blocking In
Quick Blocking In Demo
What I Learned from Harmonica Lessons
Composition Basics & Format
Design Exercise
Linear Perspective
Proportion Techniques
Aerial Perspective Tips
Painting Demo: Aerial Perspective
Part 2: Painting Demo
Part 3: The Conclusion
Introduction to the Section

Malcolm Dewey


Professional artist and writer.