Learn to Paint With Impact

From ordinary to stunning paintings! What makes a painting stand out from the rest? Learn how to add impact to your art.

Do you love painting, but find yourself frustrated with slow progress?
Are you thinking about starting to paint, but are not sure about what is important to learn first?

This course will help you solve these problems!

This course is designed to give you the essential foundation for powerful paintings
. We all want our paintings to stand out. To express our feelings or catch the eye of a collector. What is it that makes a painting move from ordinary to stunning?

The secret is learning how to see like an artist. No matter what your subject the basic foundation for color, value, edges and shapes needs to be in place. I take this further with extensive video demonstrations that give you the confidence to try yourself. All of these critical skills form the language of painting. From this foundation you can paint any subject in any style you choose.

Challenging and fun assignments with demonstrations will help you put theory into practice. In this course you will learn by doing - the best way! Supplemented with over 200 pages of notes, video, slideshows and full demonstrations you will be able to take your painting to higher levels quickly and confidently.

This course will give you the confidence and direction to paint with impact.
It has worked for me in my professional painting career. It will work for you too.

What others are saying about this course:

"Excellent course, it is comprehensive and the instructor takes the time to explain each topic in detail. Very well done!"

"What a morning, looking forward to painting Malcolm I am on lesson #42. Acrylic to oil was an eye opening project.also the Notan is now my friend, you're instruction of this subject is second to none . (Now I have a good handle on it)" Jim

"I learn so much and like the instructor's clear speech. His preparation is excellent and he gives loads of information and visuals. The quality is perfect." Anette

"A full rounded course, packed with tons of information with very easy to follow lessons. Not often that you get an all-in-one course that guides you right from beginning to end with all the in between important information. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it’s not only applicable if you wish to do Plein Air painting, but a great course should you wish to loosen up your painting style or want to learn how to paint. I can highly recommend this course to beginners and more experienced Artists. That is what is so great about painting…always something new to learn and it never gets boring." Leana

"It is sometimes difficult to "put yourself out there" when you are not confident about your talents. This is a fabulous course to learn about being an artist and you can do it all in the privacy of your own home. I have learnt so much, from terms to equipment to art itself. I love it. Beautiful art, great, easy to follow lessons. I really am enjoying this course." Kerry

Join me today and begin learning how to paint with impact!

Course Overview
Materials Required for This Course
The Ideal Painting Surface: Make Your Own Painting Panels
How To Prime Your Painting Panel
Traditional Stretched Canvas Options
Make Your Own Stretched Canvas
Your Painting Haven
An Introduction to This Section on Shapes
Shapes: Materials Required
Values: A Quick Primer
Introduction to Notan Studies
Two Value Notan Study Demonstration
Three Value Notan Demo
Notan Painting & Values
Ready to Start Assignments?
Assignment 2
Outline Study Introduction
Outline Study Demo
Ready For Another Assignment?
Paint a Four Value Study
Assignment 4
Color Outline Painting
Assignment 5: Color Value Studies
An Introduction to Color
The Three Qualities of Color
How to Use Color Relationships For Impact
Color Mixing with a Limited Palette
Mix Darks Correctly
Light, Shade & Reflections
More About Light & Shade
Light and Shadow Painting Demonstration
Color Maps and Color Notes
Assignment 6: Color Maps
Advanced Assignments Continue below!
The Importance of Edges
More about Edges and Brushwork
Typical Edges
4 Keys To Painting With Impact
Recap: The Critical Pillar To Learn
Demo: How Shapes Help You Make a Great Start
An Introduction to Composition
Composition Classics
Essential Design Elements
Composition Example Part 1 - The Problem
Composition Example Part 2 - The Solution
Composition Example Part 3 - How to Simplify the Scene
An Introduction to Drawing for the Painter
Drawing Tips For The Painter
Brushwork Signature
Thick Paint Techniques
Brushwork Techniques
Big Brush Little Brush Intro
Big Brush Demo Painting Part 1
Big Brush Demo Painting Part 2
Big Brush Demo Part 3: Conclusion
An Introduction to Painting Process
Powerful Process
Limited Palette: Unlimited Opportunity
Mixing Green Demonstration
Painting Demo With Limited Palette of Colors
Alla Prima Painting Demo Part 1: Making a Good Start
Alla Prima Painting Demo Part 2: Developing the Painting
Alla Prima Demo: Part 3 - The Completion
How to Use References Confidently
How I Use Reference Photos
Plein Air - The Ultimate Painting Experience
Having Fun Plein Air Painting! A preview
Plein Air Painting Demonstration
Introduction to Assignments
Assignment 1: Two Value Notan Studies
Assignment 2: Now Try a Three Value Notan
Assignment 3: Do An Outline Study for Shape and Values
Assignment 4: Painting Your Monochrome Study
Assignment 5: Color Value Study
Assignment 6: Color Maps
Assignment 7: Color Mixing & Color Wheel
Assignment 8: Palette Technique
Assignment 9: Mixing Hues
Assignment 10: Painting Color Charts
Assignment 11: Mixing Grays
Assignment 12: Practical Composition Exercise
Assignment 13: Assessment of Composition Sketch
Assignment 14: Composition Fameworks
Assignment 15: Find Edges and Focal Area
Assignment 16: The Four Pillars
The End of the Course: The Beginning of Your Painting Adventure

What's included

  • 60 Video Lessons
  • 27 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Malcolm Dewey


Professional artist and writer.