How To Solve Painting Problems

Solve These Important Painting Problems. Paint with confidence and see your paintings improve massively.

What Painting Problems? Every subject we choose to paint offers certain challenges or problems to solve. This course will look at common problems and how I go about solving them so that you can take your oil painting to new levels.

This course builds on my previous course, Learn to Paint With Impact, by looking at specific problems faced by painters. I look at various landscape problems such as countryside, street scenes, seascapes, beaches and skies.

How to plan, prepare and complete a landscape painting that will leave you more confident for the next painting. All the skills you will learn can be taken forward to build up your painting ability and increase your enjoyment of painting.

This is a course for taking practical steps to solve your painting problems.

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Section 2 Introduction:
Preparation Overview
Composition Classics
Introduction To Section: Masses & Shapes
Identify Mass Shapes
Paint The Masses Demo
Part 1: Developing Sky and Mountains
Part 2: Developing Tree Line & Foreground
Part 3: Foreground & Trees Are Developed Further
Part 4: Painting Critique
Aerial Perspective Notes
Aerial Perspective Demo: Part 1
Aerial Perspective Demo: Part 2
Observe The Character of Trees
Tree Painting Demo: Part 1
Tree Painting Demo: Part 2
Tree Painting Demo: Part 3
10 Tips For Adding WOW to Photo References
Photo References
Introduction to Brushwork & Paint
Paint-by-the-Pound & Brushwork Demo
Figures in Landscape Demo
How To Paint Recognisable Figures In Landscapes
What is The Number One Element?
Sky Painting Demo
How To Isolate Color
Color Mixing Demonstration
Avoid This Mistake When Painting Shadows
Should You Varnish Your Painting?
Varnish Demo
Introduction to Part 2
How To Find Time To Paint
Overcome Creative Blocks

What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Malcolm Dewey


Professional artist and writer.